Link Physical & Digital Worlds Securely

- Print unclonable security tags. - Fingerprint tags on the blockchain. - Authenticate tags with cameras. - Tag physical things and link digital records

Secure IOT

Low cost printable security for Internet Of Things (IOT). Scan printed tag to read and write data securely for any tagged thing, person or place.

Supply Chain

Integrate with existing tag systems to prove supply chain's operator identity, physical goods possession and data trustworthiness.

Physical NFT

Create physical Non Fungible Token (NFT) by printing Blocktag tags on physical goods and register tag's serial id to a blockchain.

Safe Metaverse

Paste Blocktag tags at places as safe markers or content links for people to navigate Augmented Reality.

Download and print Blocktag tags using multiple print techniques, materials and form factors like barcode, QR, Augmented Reality (AR) markers. Custom configurations welcome.< Hover on tags for info >

Use Cases

Original Printed Documents

  • Certify original printed documents more conveniently by printing tag without additional hand signatures, stamps or seals.
  • Remote notarization. Notarize printed documents between two or more parties using printed tag and mobile authentication.
  • Forgery detection. Detect forged copies of original printed document.
How It Works

Step 1: Download Tags

Embed printed security on well known tags like QR or Barcode. Download security tags from Blocktag website.

Step 2: Print Tags

Print tags as stickers or direct on material surface using any printer from home inkjets to industrial printers.

Step 3: Fingerprint Tags

Use phone or industrial camera to capture tag’s physical print signature as fingerprint.

Mobile Authentication

Authentic Tagged Product

Scan fingerprinted tag with Blocktag app to detect original from cloned tags. No special scan hardware required.

Proof Of User Presence/Possession

Prove user is physically close or has physical control of an authentic tag instead of a tag screenshot. Challenge user to identify themselves using Blocktag app with Username, Email, FaceID or CryptoID.

QR Backwards Compatible

Users can read tag data using any native camera reader without installing Blocktag app and skip authentication.

Consumer Simplicity

Authenticated Data

User can write data by authenticating tag to identify themselves as author permissioned by data owners.

No Special Hardware Needed

Compatible with most phone cameras. Configurable for web cameras, production line cameras etc.

Durable Tags

Resistant to heat, pressure, and electromagnetic radiation, unlike active solutions such as RFID and NFC.

Blockchain Integration

Integrate with Blocktag's blockchain or any 3rd party blockchains

Remote Authentication

Prove presence and authenticity to someone on the other side of the world.

Digital Wallet

Exclusive access to content and digital collectibles based on <a>proof of presence</a>.

Enterprise Efficiency
  • Track and Trace

    Track how your products flow through the supply chain with real time updates on individual, parcel, or pallet level identifiers.

  • Analytics

    Get real time business intelligence data covering the your entire supply chain, and beyond. See disruptions and inefficiencies as soon as they occur.

  • Access

    Decrease the distance between your company and all the other touchpoints in your products' lifetime - from factory to consumer to secondary markets.

Our Partners

Integrable and Backwards Compatible

Minimize or eliminate downtime when integrating with your existing systems - but get all the additional features Blocktag offers.

Cryptographic Assurances

Blockchain and encryption enables identity and timestamp verification that is tamperproof, leading to robust automation without requiring human trust. Optional and no changes necessary.

Role Based Access Control

Each user, from employee to courier to consumer, has their own identity on the Blocktag system. Have control over what each user group can see, for just the right balance of privacy and proof.


Provenance can be tracked on the company or individual level depending on customizable permissions. Prove to your customers that what they are receiving was produced by you.

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