The Art Of Technology

April 01, 2022
The Art Of Technology

What is the origin of an instrument’s life?
From the growth of the Maple tree wood?
From the violin maker crafting its form?
From the musician performing its voice?

The muscian's stories are recorded through the bow's back and forth movement across the strings of Time. The sounds of String vibration and Newtonian motion are carved into it's wood. The violin’s inner Space records all forms of vibrations, physical and emotional, as well as the stories behind them.

Violin Inside
Violin Inner Space

People believe they are the lead soloist in their life’s symphony. But in the universe’s vast symphony, I am empty silence. The violin lives longer than me. It should remember its own stories as the lead performer. I am just a partner playing a supporting role.

In the 16th century, Cremona Italy was the world capital of handcrafted violins. Each violin has its own printed “Certificato Di Authentica”. The violin’s unique fingerprint identity.

In the 21st century, Blocktag is the printed tag technology for violin authentication. Each tag has its own unclonable fingerprint. When a violin is tagged, you can scan the tag with your phone camera and see the violin’s past life.

As time goes by, the violin’s life story can be recorded. For example, a partner musician’s performance recording at a concert hall. Generations of performers all the way back to the violin maker can be remembered this way.
This is the webpage linked to the tag inside my violin. The digital violin is the a 3D scan of the real violin, its digital twin. Blocktag is the eternal memory body of the violin.