The Red Violin: Timeless Memory

April 01, 2022
The Red Violin: Timeless Memory

The Red Violin

Have you wondered why someone would spend millions on antique art? A movie The Red Violin has an answer. The movie's main character is a red violin, filmed from the violin’s point of view. From its birth in Cremona Italy during the 1700s. To its ownership by an English lord in Britain during the 1800s Victorian royal era. Then, its near destruction in Shanghai during the 1900s Cultural Revolution. And eventually, its auction for millions in modern day Montreal. The Red Violin is based on the real life violin of 1720 called the Red Mendelssohn, which sold for $1.7million in 1990

Timeless Art Appreciation

As an art appreciation, the violin lets you hear and touch memories of the past. The violin plays a string of past life memories shared with its human owners.
Violinists often peer into the f-hole to see what is written in the violin

Blocktag wants to amplify this timeless appreciation for art. The violin's stories will be remembered through Blocktag's authentication tag. Scan the Blocktagged violin with your phone camera and you can watch a real life version of "The Red Violin".

Blocktag app scan violin
A new way to peer into the f-hole

The shared memory could be a digitized certificate of authenticity issued by the original violin maker as well as stories of the owner, appraiser, restorer and other professionals that have taken care of the violin.

Certificato Di Authentica

Or a performance recording by a musician with the violin. Like this 2020AD pandemic era shared memory with a masked performer.

Blocktag Timeless Art Appreciation

Blocktag is partnering with a violinist to let people appreciate this timeless form of art. Her violin is crafted by a violin maker (Luthier) and featured by the Associazione Liutaria Italiana in Cremona Italy, the world capital for handcrafted violins. If you buy the 3D scanned Digital Twin of this physical tagged violin on the OpenSea marketplace, you can access all of the violin's recorded memories:
OpenSeaPage1 OpenSeaPage2
Blocktag violin NFT collection on OpenSea

PS: Safeguard Memory With Non Fungible Token (NFT)

To safeguard the violin's recorded digital memory from tampering, a violin's story recorded through Blocktag is unchangeable (non fungible). When this unchangeable unit (token) of data is stored on a digital ledger, it is known as a Non Fungible Token (NFT). Combining the tagged physical violin and its digital data forms a physical NFT. Read more at

ChunMing Chin
Cofounder, Director of Engineering
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